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“This important subject of money and financial success is not the “root of all evil” as many have quote ”nor is it the path to happiness. So when you are able to successfully control something like the subject of money that affects most of you all day, every day, you will have accomplished something rather significant ”for not only is it certain that your financial success must improve, but the evidence of that success will then prepare you for deliberate improvement in every aspect of your life experience.”

  • Abraham
    Excerpted from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth; Happiness”

Asker: Let’s go to the beach, as you often say, or let’s go shopping. (Abe says: Yes indeed) It’s just an amazing thing because for me, what it underscores is what you say on your website and what’s on your quote of the day, which I get every day: All is Well, You Are Loved. And that’s all I ever need and its just an amazing, at this stage in my life I was in recovery in AA for many years and I got so much out of that. And yet I came to a point right around the time I met Abraham that I just needed to go further. I needed more, and I was just at this wonderful juncture and?

Abraham-Hicks: You know what it comes down to? So think about it in this way, so you are pure positive energy and you project yourself here, and many say, “And I do that because?” And we say: Because you want the experience of expansion and the contrast causes that to happen. And then as you then get hold of the way you feel and begin thinking more in terms of who you are, you feel better and better.

So what really happens is people come forth and just by life, they, in their quest for expansion, they get separated from who they really are and there is a variable about how much separation they accomplish, how chronically separated they are, some go up and down, some close the gap, some do it accidentally, not many do it deliberately, but then there are all kinds of programs that people enter into in their attempt at closing that gap, improving their life experience. And, it’s interesting to see as people are reaching for these different programs, each one of those is only about, we want to give this in a kind way, but a blunt way at the same time?

Asker:  I’m ready

Access To Inner Being And Power Of Influence, Esther Hicks 2018, in2vortex.com. loa

Abraham Many people; you hold to your limitations so firmly, because you believe in your reality so much, and so every program that exists, and we will put this one in the same category; in this sense, it is all about how much effort the individual believes it takes in order to find success.

 If we could just somehow zap you with the memory that all you have to do is find a happy thought and fixate on it and everything else would take care of itself, but that is so simplistic that people can’t let themselves believe that something that requires so seeming little effort would solve all of the major problems of their life or of anyone else’s life. And so, there are many hoops that you all jump through in your quest for coming into alignment, but you’re all going to have a really good laugh when you make your re-emergence into non-physical and you remember how you didn’t have to struggle about anything.

The struggle is all self imposed, the struggle is a misunderstanding that is that is born out of deciphering contrast; you just kind of get stuck in the struggle end of it. Very good.

Asker: I’m so happy we rendezvoused.

8/9/08 San Francisco
Track 6

And from the Self-Appreciation CD

“When you feel good about you, you are vibrating positive energy. When you vibrate positive energy you are positively attracting.

If you are wanting all of those things that you have identified as your desire to come into your experience “ it is absolutely imperative that you come to a place of positive vibration, which means that you must adore you.

If you do not like yourself then you can want until you are blue in the face and those things that you want cannot come into your experience.

The balance that you are wanting to bring into your experience is the balance of appreciating you.

Much as you would like to give the blame to the other for what is happening,it is your lack of appreciation for self that is responsible for area of lack in your experience. There is not one negative thing that is happening for any other reason than you are not appreciating yourself.

It is our promise to you that your inner being adores you but you close the door when you think thoughts of lack about yourself.”

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