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Abraham Hicks Quotes

Asker: I guess my question is about the deeper I go into being deliberate and finding the energy that works for me, I see myself not really connecting with the friends that I love and surround myself with more.

Abraham-Hicks: You can’t listen to all the radio stations at the same time, either.

Asker: No.

Abraham: You’re going to have to pick one. When you choose alignment with who You are first, those who are ready join right in, and those who are almost ready have a really good ride. And those who really aren’t ready just have a better time with somebody that they’re more mutual with. So nothing has gone wrong. But the feeling that you have to go get them and bring them with you is a flawed premise because their Inner Being has been reaching for them all along. So you just teach through the clarity of your own joyous being.

This is really helpful: Look for whatever aspects of them that you can focus upon while you feel good. When you do that, then you maintain your connection with that part of them forever. And often, they rise to that because you shined a spotlight on that, which makes that a bigger player in their vibration. That’s what the power of influence really is.

And listen to the difference in these two statements: “Abraham, I’ve been coming into alignment, and I can feel the power of influence of my own Inner Being, and I really like the way that feels.” That’s a satisfying thought. “Abraham, I’m connecting with Source Energy and I like how it feels, but I’m leaving so many friends behind.” That’s not a satisfying thought. “Abraham, I’ve been focusing on more things that are satisfying, and while everything about anyone isn’t all satisfying, I’m finding satisfying about everyone.” That’s a satisfying thought. See what we mean?

Asker: Yeah, absolutely, because I have been focusing more on why I don’t feel connected to them.

Abraham: Esther knows, she was in the nail salon – “You don’t get me, I’m funny; I’m entertaining. Why aren’t you entertained?” (Fun)

Asker: So if you are sick, how do you heal yourself? Just by enjoying whatever comes?

Abraham: It’s harder – humans assume that if you die, you did something wrong. Well, not so – you intended to have various lengths of life experience. And they also assume even that if you get sick, you did something wrong, when really, that’s a really lovely and often very fast way into the transition, which is that open-ended, open-door thing that many of you are looking for. Just because you are sick or just because you are dying or just because you died (those words aren’t even real) doesn’t mean that anything went wrong. It’s the natural cycle of things.

Asker: So no need to heal.

Abraham: Well, if you want to, of course. But because sometimes in the contrast of sickness you launch this rocket of really realizing that you have more that you want to do and more that you want to do here in this body, and you want to realize more of the momentum of the things that you’ve put into this Vortex, you get to choose that, and you get to choose it from your now physical perspective.

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Jerry got sick (and he made his transition), and he said to Esther “You know, this could go a number of ways – this could take me out or we could figure something out, the doctors can figure something out and I’ll stick around for a while, or I could just have a spontaneous healing – and all of it’s alright with me.” And Esther thought “Really? All of that is alright with you? All of that’s not alright with me –

you don’t get to choose what you do with you! You matter to me, you should choose what matters to me.” But Esther doesn’t get to choose about his reuniting with his Inner Being – she couldn’t see down the road, she didn’t know the benefit that his not being dead while not being in his body would be; she couldn’t even begin to guess what the advantage of that would be to her. She had a very short-sighted point of view about that; more beliefs that she just couldn’t quite get past until she had lived it and then got way past it.

So yes, you get to make those choices, and when you do, your Inner Being will back you up in all of them. You just can’t make choices for somebody else or even understand the choices that they are making.

Asker: So in other words, constantly choosing to continue living, constantly choosing to be healthy, constantly visualizing yourself as a healthy being – is that what you’re saying?

Abraham: Yes it is, but do it in an easier way, because sometimes you can’t think about the BBQ contraption without going into dissatisfaction, so sometimes you have to change the subject into something that is satisfying. And when you get the hang of that, when you are satisfied – we’ve been saying for a while that the optimum joyful experience is ‘satisfied where I am and eager for more’ – well, sometimes you might reach the place where the eager for more means something really different. But there’s plenty in your Vortex for eager for more, too. Do you see what we’re getting at?

Jerry had sort of come to the place where he figured he had lived it and he knew it, and he wasn’t finding so much eager-for-more-ness. Now, that hurt Esther’s feelings because she thought she was way worth sticking around for. But eager for more to him meant something else. He had been saying “I don’t really understand the Nonphysical,” which also hurt Esther’s feelings because she thought “That’s my job, to explain that.” But with his eager for more, eager for more, eager for more, Esther was reaching into a place she’d never been before for more connection with more words for more understand for more people.

And Esther thought at first that she was only losing with that bargain that he was making with whoever he was making that bargain with. And now she realizes it was win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win, win.

And we’ve been saying for a while, you have to get over that death thing because there isn’t any, and most people are so dissatisfied with the idea of the inevitable, that they never really let themselves live. Most people are so guarded and worried – “That’ll kill you; that could kill you; you know, that could kill you, that could kill you.” People don’t let themselves really go into places that they want to go because they’re fearful of something that really doesn’t even exist.

Asker: Oh, I understand the concept of letting go of your death, but I’m still not understanding how to heal if you still want to continue living.

Abraham: By accepting that the cells of your body know what to do to stay in balance, and they are constantly, trillions of them consciously asking their Source for revitalization and renewal. So as your cells ask and you are unsatisfied or complaining or worried, you’re offering a vibration into the equation that keeps those circuits from being open enough for the healing to take place. But if you are off the subject that’s bothering you and focused upon anything and everything that is satisfying, then you’re allowing the circuits to be open, so the cells are asking, Source is answering and wellbeing becomes your experience. It’s exactly like that.

That’s why doctors are amazed that different people with the same illnesses have different results. And some of them, once they make their transition, they send back a message “I did it on purpose – I know you don’t understand – it was my path of least resistance.” It’s like the goofy squirrel – it’s done, so it runs right out in front of the car. And you say “Oh! I killed a squirrel.” And the squirrel says “Thanks a lot, I was counting on you.” (Fun)


Asker: Yes.

Abraham: Really good.

Asker: Thank you.

Abraham-Hicks speaking in San Francisco, CA on June 23, 2018

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