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Asker: Your discussion about delusions this morning just triggered all kinds of yes buts, yes buts, yes buts. As a psychotherapist and someone who’s worked in settings where there’s delusionality, a lot of these people, they push your buttons because they’re angry and they’re affrontive. And perhaps it’s in reaction to the way that they’re being treated by society.

Abraham-Hicks: To their perception of their own lack of power. When you realize that the cause of their illness is their perception of lack of power or lack of freedom, and you begin treating that, then all of the evidence of that begins to subside as well. But if you don’t get to the heart of what really is the cause, then it just shows up in a variety of different ways.

Asker: The heart of what is at the cause of it must be so deeply ingrained in our society because institution after institution – medical, family organization, business organization and insurance organization – just doesn’t seem to be able to be kind to these people.

Abraham-Hicks: Well, if you found someone bleeding in the street, your tendency would be to help them in whatever way you can. But when you find someone spitting in your face, you don’t feel so much like helping them, even though they are in as much need of your kindness and assistance as if they are bleeding in the street.

And so what happens is, if you as a counselor-uplifter-healer-teacher understand that no one ever lashes out unless they themselves are in pain, and then you try to get to the heart of what their pain is and soothe that, then you can begin making headway. We agree with you, we do not see your institutions doing much healing. Do you?

Asker: No, I don’t. And I see that the way that they’re structured puts these people in contact with many people who are quite reactive to them. And I just long for a way of social organization, of people thinking about cooperating together so that these people don’t have such a terrible experience for themselves.

Abraham-Hicks: Well, there are two things that we can give you. And first, we want to soothe you, because in the same way that we do not want them having pain over whatever they’re living, we don’t want you having pain over what’s happening to them, either. So we will make an effort at soothing you first by saying the most important thing to understand about how anyone feels is that it is about, and only about, the vibrational relationship between who they have become and who they are allowing themselves to be.

So sometimes you’ll see someone living a very different life than you would choose for yourself, and you will overlay your own personal pain as you acknowledge how you would like to live and compare it with how they are living, and it makes for a very strong discord. In other words, you go to an underdeveloped country with your standard of life in your mind, and you long for them having more modern conveniences, and you suffer as you watch the primitive way in which they live. And we would say you’re suffering more than they are suffering because you are overlaying your desire over their expectation, where their desire and their expectation are not as far apart as your desire for them and their expectation.

And so we offer that in an effort to try to soothe you, that often they’re not feeling their pain as much as you think that they are. But we really want to help anyone who is a healer, uplifter, teacher, therapist, counselor, physician – anyone who is wanting to assist anyone in feeling better – we just want you to begin by acknowledging that unless you get to the vibrational root, you can offer a Band-Aid; you can offer a cure but the vibrational discord will create very soon another evidence of that discord. So it’s different faces, different places, different diagnoses, different experiences, but it keeps popping up in different ways unless the heart of it is soothed.

You cannot take a person and quantum leap them up the Emotional Scale, but if you can get their attention, if you can help them to understand that they are in charge even though they don’t know it, and as long as you know what the Laws of the Universe are and you know how Law of Attraction works, and you know what the emotions that they are feeling are indicating for them, then, if you have the time, you can guide anyone from wherever they are to a place that they would rather be. There are no exceptions.

We do not think that there is anyone outside of your ability to help them move up the Emotional Scale, but you have to start with a premise that’s valid. And so many counselors are starting with premises that are not valid, which are “there’s something wrong with you,” instead of “there’s an unfulfilled desire within you.” Most start with “you are behaving inappropriately by our societal standards” rather than “you have desires going on that you personally are not up to speed with”.

We want you to understand most of all as a counselor of others that it’s never about comparing how anyone is behaving or being or feeling in relationship with others’ standards. It’s only the comparison in how they’re feeling and behaving and being in comparison with their own crack, their own Emotional Scale. When you bring it down to the individual and you realize all you have to deal with is the vibrational discord between what their life has caused them to want and where they stand relative to it, that is not a difficult thing for you to get your thoughts around and for you to guide them toward.

Asker: One of the difficulties I had with your response to that this morning (as you were encouraging what I’d like to do in a pure way if I could, encourage people to follow their dreams) is with the idea that they manifest the delusionality because of some stifled ability to be themselves, and…

Abraham-Hicks: Well, you don’t want to encourage a woman to believe that she’s married to President Bush, and you don’t want to encourage a woman to believe that she owns all the steel mills. We are not meaning that at all. But we want you, at a basic beginning, to acknowledge that imagination is not flawed. In other words, these are extreme situations where, from their place of extraordinary imbalance and perception of loss of freedom, they are shooting out rockets of desires that are endlessly different from the vibration, and she’s not ever going to bring herself into vibrational alignment enough that she will be married to President Bush or that she will have all of those steel mills. That’s not the point that we were making.

Begin with the premise that imagination in and of itself is not a bad thing, and then deal with the individual. Try to understand that the reason that they’ve gone so far off the charts in terms of being sane is because they’ve been pressed into such a tight corner where that was the only self-survival instinct that could happen. In other words, their Inner Being is actually taking them into those delusional thoughts in order to give them some semblance of some sort of life from their perceived total lack of empowerment.

Sometimes we hear you nitpicking over whether it is a worthwhile objective, this desire that has been born within you; you want to quibble about whether it is spiritual enough – isn’t it too material? And we say the spirit that is You has materialized, friends. The Leading Edge of spirituality is material!

In other words, you live in this time-space reality where you have these translators that translate vibration – you see with your eyes because you have interpreters, you hear with your ears because they are interpreting vibration, and even what you smell and feel with your fingertips and taste with your tongue are vibrational interpretation. So you are vibrationally interpreting this time-space reality, and that is as material as it gets. You cannot pull back from the Leading Edge. And that which you call God is right here in you and in everything you see in this very materialistic and also absolutely spiritual environment. In other words, they are not separate, they are same.

So then you say “But how do I know if I am worthy to choose?” And we say you’re here, you’re here in an environment that is causing you to focus, and that focusing of thought means “I’m remembering, I’m pondering, I’m imagining, I’m observing, I’m commenting, I’m contemplating.” In other words, anything that makes your mind focus is a focusing of Energy, is an offering of vibration, is a creative endeavor. So we so much want you to hear from us and feel from us before we are finished with this day that you are Source Energy. It does not get more worthy than that which you are.

And here you are, having an experience which is causing you to launch rockets of desires, and those desires are so adored by Source, and Source becomes one with them so fully. You cannot get it wrong and you cannot get it done, and the reason you cannot get it wrong is because it is never done. So when you stand in a contrasting place where something is manifested that you’re not that pleased with, no problem – where are you in relationship to where you now want to be? The new information has now occurred to you because of the fabulous experience that you’ve just had. Words never teach – words don’t teach at all, and it’s strange we offer so many. It is life experience – it is your life experience that gives you your knowing.

And there is nothing that you cannot achieve, because your environment has caused you to want it and Source always says yes. But you have to find a way of becoming a vibrational match to that, and you can’t keep looking at the absence of what you want and be a vibrational match to what you want – you have to find a way to change your personal perspective. We think that it might be helpful if you would acknowledge that 99% of it is complete before you see any evidence, so while no evidence has turned up, wouldn’t it be just as easy to think that you’re on the way to it than to think you’re not on the way to it?

Except that you’ve been looking at your past manifestations, and because you haven’t been quantifying your journeys, you’ve convinced yourself that you are unworthy or that it is impossible or that it is incurable. And we say none of that is true. You can be or do or have anything that your life experience has caused you to want because Source has said yes, and now you must find a way of saying yes, too.

Let’s say for your benefit that you want this relationship, or a relationship – you don’t want to be alone – and that’s the rocket of desire that is launched from you. So now, that rocket of desire is launched and Source says yes, of course – we’re arranging things even as you are asking, and in fact, we’ve been arranging them even before the decision of the departure of the other took place because it has been evident through all of the exposure to all of the experience that you’ve been having – you have filled your Vibrational Escrow. (We like to call it that, you know; that’s what it is.)

The contrast causes you to launch these rockets of desire and they’re held for you in Vibrational Escrow, just waiting for you to become a vibrational match to them. So every time you had an argument, every time you had a fight, every time you were disrespected, every time you disrespected the other, every time you wished something could be different, every time you noticed how bad something was – all of the exposure to all of those experiences caused you, without even knowing you were doing it, to create the perfect relationship for you, and it’s over here waiting for you in Vibrational Escrow. And it’s so much better than the contrasting one which helped you give birth to it. In fact, the more relationships you’ve had, the more beautiful your Vibrational Escrow relationship is. Source says it’s done – we know who it is, we know where this person is, we know how to get the two of you together. It’s a done deal. Don’t worry about it, we have it covered.

And you’re over here freaking out. You’re over here complaining about what went wrong. You’re over here justifying how bad you feel. You’re over here talking about all of the things that have happened that make you feel like this victim. Where, percolating over here is this magnificent partner waiting for you (that you have set into motion through every day of your life). And you’re over here, where you announce to the world “There’s no one out there for me.” And we say over here, over here, over here.

And how do you know what over here is? Over here feels like joy, over here feels like love, over here feels like appreciation, over here feels like good things, over there feels like bad things. In other words, we know it’s sort of hard to understand that good feels good, but it really, really does. Good feels good! In other words, with all things that you are wanting, as you are moving toward them, you feel a releasing of resistance. In other words, a feeling of relief means motion in the direction of what you’re really going to like when you get there. Negative emotion means motion in the direction that you’re really not going to like when you get there. Really, we’re not kidding you about this because it’s all about this vibrational gap that you’re closing. We think you heard that clearly.

We’ve written a book where we’ve offered endless processes, and we feel sorry for any of you who are trying to do all of them. We are endless spewers of processes, and every process is for one intent – it is to help you close that vibrational gap between those two points of vibrational relativity between where you are and where you want to be. Every one of them is about moving you up the Emotional Scale. And with the Emotional Scale, on one end of it are emotions that feel wonderful, like joy and love and appreciation and passion, and on the other end are emotions that feel awful, like fear and despair.

And on the end of the Emotional Scale that feels wonderful is your perception of freedom and empowerment, and on the end of the scale that feels rotten is your perception of lack of freedom and lack of empowerment. And every emotion along this Emotional Scale is about the varying degrees of your alignment with who You really are.

We want you to notice the correlation: Here is your Inner Being – your Source, your God, whatever you want to call that Source Energy – here is that Source Energy as one point of vibrational relativity, and here you are somewhere in vibrational relationship to it, and the closer you are to it, the better you feel. And notice this Emotional Scale where on one end of it is Pure Positive Energy, and on the other end of it, it feels awful.

And so, can you feel how, as you move up the Emotional Scale, you are closing the vibrational gap between where you are standing and where you want to be? We want you to begin thinking in every moment about how you’re feeling, because as you are commenting on something or remembering something or imagining something, you are forking off in the direction of something wanted or not wanted, and it does not matter how much you forked in the direction of what you don’t want, you are all still powerful in your now and you can begin your new direction at any time.

We think the reason that you do not consciously and deliberately and frankly, very effectively immediately begin to fork in the direction of what you are wanting is because you’re trying to make too big of vibrational jumps up the Emotional Scale, and Law of Attraction isn’t helping you out. Law of Attraction, the most powerful Law in the Universe, says that which is like unto itself is drawn, so if you’re over here because of something that you’ve been living and you’re feeling despair, and some bright-eyed, bushy-tailed student of Abraham says to you “You know, you need to cheer up – you create your own reality!” you want to say to them “That can’t be true or you’d be gone!” because nothing is worse than having somebody try to cheer you up when you don’t feel cheerful. Somebody that’s feeling wonderful cannot relate to someone who’s feeling horrible because your vibrational frequencies are too far apart, any more than you can set your radio dial on 630 AM and hear what’s being broadcast on 98.7 FM; the frequencies have got to match up.

So, what we want you to understand is, if something has happened and you’re vibrating down here in despair or fear, don’t try to jump into bliss or into appreciation because you’ll just fall in the ditch. Instead, reach for the best feeling thought you can find. Joseph Campbell said follow your bliss, and we think his words were the best ever offered, but we don’t think you can find bliss from despair because it’s too big of a variable. But we think you could find revenge from despair, and we think revenge is a step in the right direction. And we think you could find rage from revenge, and we think that’s a step in the right direction.

If you’ve ever been depressed or frightened – really afraid of something – don’t you acknowledge that anger does feel a whole lot better than the despair that you were feeling before? And if you’re utilizing your own Guidance System, and you’re paying attention to the way you feel, and you get a release of resistance. In other words, you see how it works?

As you close this vibrational gap, you’ll be tuned in, tapped in, turned on, and you will be the offerer of one powerful signal. And think about that: One who is offering that non-contrasted, that not-split Energy, one who is offering that singular signal relative to whatever subject is active within you, is more powerful than millions who are not. In other words, when you align with the Energy of your Source, you are a force to be reckoned with because all the Energy in the Universe is in alignment to the fulfillment of that which you are wanting.

You are the only one who splits your Energy; no one else can do it. We acknowledge that you might be observing something or someone, and in your observation of it, you begin to activate a vibration that splits your Energy and makes you less effective. But you are the keeper of your own Energy, and we’re going to show you how to keep forking off in the direction of what you are really wanting.

There are so many things that we want you to feel, but the most essential among them are, you are a Leading Edge creator, you are God Force in a physical body, and you are supposed to feel good. And the environment will inspire the new ideas; and in the moment that the new idea has been focused within you, Source will turn all resources toward it and you can consider it done. And then, if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would be perched in expectant readiness, watching for evidence of the avalanches of successes that are queued up for you, and we’re not kidding you about that. When you leave this gathering, we want you to leave knowing that regardless of where you are, you can get to wherever you want to be on any subject that you have the ability to imagine from your powerful, Leading Edge position.

Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating you are planning…What are you planning, Abraham Hicks, in2Vortex, Esther Hicks, law of attraction

We are eager to talk with you about anything that is important to you. There is no order of business in the sense that anything is off limits. What do you want to talk about? Some things.

Abraham-Hicks speaking in Cincinnati, OH on Sept. 21. 2005

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