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Guess: Are there I mean quite a motto quite a bit of time trying to get into a form of business that I’ve been in and in the last year or the year before last it was like extremely booming for me. And then last year it seemed like the business was done on me you know. So I started to transfer my energy into other things like okay well maybe it’s time for me to start. I’ll take this time as a form of the universe and my being telling me that there’s more for me to do and I need to start doing.

Abraham Hicks: There always years more for you to receive. Always more right.

Guess: So I started to do try to put my energy and time into other things and it seems like all of those things are kind of getting a little bit of a glass ceiling.

Abraham Hicks: Well when you’re trying to figure out what to do and doing it rather than feeling the inspiration to do it there can be a little bit more bumps in the process but left some questions for you if you don’t mind.

Guess: Yes please.

Guess: SO CAN YOU FEEL HOW in the first scenario where your business was just sort of taking you along. Can you feel that there was momentum. Can you accept that there was momentum underway even before you really knew there was momentum underway this vortex that we’ve been talking about carries a lot of momentum. And so sometimes you’re in a receptive mode relative to part of what’s going on in your vortex. So you allow it to play out more easily. Sometimes people will say to us you will resonate with this. They will say to us I’m new to you Abraham. And. I’ve only been listening for a little while but all kinds of things that have been sort of log jammed up are now flowing and we say well it’s because you’ve been asking and asking and asking and something about what you’re receiving from us has been more open than before.

So you’re letting it flow. The thing that we really want you to hear and this is what you’ve been suspecting In fact it’s what you said to us just now is at the same time that you’re letting some parts of your vortex flow into your experience. You are also putting more things into the vortex that will flow later. It’s like there’s always more in the pipeline.

And so if you don’t get to pointedly focused on what’s manifesting and if you just keep enjoying wherever you are it’s like this is coming along and comes to fruition. But about the time it peters out your words were interesting when you that it felt like that was done with me. And we wanted to teach you a little bit and say But were you done with it. But usually it’s the same it’s done with you because you’re done with it.

But at the same time that this is being done something else is coming into fruition and as it is petering out something else is coming and is it is something else is coming because the interest is always in the new where it’s happening is in this unfolding once it has manifested and life there’s more growth in that and less the business is expanding to you and all kinds of different ways. It will always Peter out.

Guess: So there’s a I mean like I guess the comics the question that you always just be OK with never you know putting extra energy or effort into sustaining something that was rather than just always me allowing.

Abraham Hicks: We want you to feel the difference between feeling a real enthusiasm to do something in your business and the feeling that you need to do it in order to keep it going because when it’s the feeling that I need to do it to keep it going you’re working against yourself when it’s I want to do this. That’s a whole different feeling about it.

You can keep things moving along to some extent just through your action and the tension you can in other words once something’s in motion it’s not that difficult to keep it in motion. But for someone like you unless it’s really ringing your bells you’re bored with it and when you’re bored with it it’s dumb. When you’re bored with it it’s done when you’re bored with it and now you’re doing it cause you need to or because somebody else needs to.

It’s not long. You have to keep breathing new life into things and they need to keep breathing new life into you.

And the thing about it is your inner being knows where all of those ideas are and what we’re paying your bills the most.

Let’s move sometimes. In the meantime since your business is still underway you can revive it while other things are getting underway just by making lists of positive aspects about it. Or here’s a really good tool remembering how you felt in the beginning of it in the really beginning of it before it even really was a business when you were just dreaming about it thinking about why you wanted it how it felt and why you wanted it and what you saw.

If you can reignite those feelings within you your business will pick up some Esther notices Maybe you notice that too. She’s talked to many different people about this mostly her grand kids who she is often shopping with. \They’ll go into a place and there is literally no one there.

Sometimes a big place like the shoe department at Nordstrom or someplace nobody there just them and they’ll start looking and enjoying and séverine and trying on and having fun. And before they know they turn around there’s 50 people that have joined them in other words all kinds of things begin to gather around your enthusiastic attention.

So when you feel enthusiastic about your business it brings more and more to it when you don’t feel enthusiastic about it. When you want it to enthuse you rather than you unconditionally an enthused all the different.

Guess: I have one other Coming up on CONNECT THE QUESTION Is there ever a time that Esther can not connect with Abraham. Are there ever a time that you feel like I want to connect.

Abraham Hicks: There was one time in the early days that she couldn’t reach us because she reached us so easily. And Jerry was so interested in the alignment that he just. Ask never ending questions day after day after day after day after day after day. So the pump kept getting primed and primed and primed and primed and primed so there was hardly a moment of expecting otherwise. But one day when they first moved to Texas they had chickens beautiful little chickens.

They knew all of their names they knew which eggs each chicken was laying. These chickens were really fun like little pigs. They were all named. There was Henny Penny and Chicken Little and Big Bird and all these dear little bees. And one day the neighbor’s dog dug under the fence and made havoc in the chicken yard.

Killed some chickens. And Esther’s favorite chicken Big Bird was among the casualties. And another rooster who looked almost identical to Big Bird was injured. And Jerry said to Esther get Abraham Abraham will tell us what to do. And she couldn’t. She was so distraught about the carnage.

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The chicken ege. And Jerry said Well I’ve always wondered if there would be a time and then we said to Esther once she had slept and once she had regained her ability to receive us we said to her focus on the chickens who are still here. Let’s focus on the chickens who are still here.

And when Jerry made his transition she said to him I’m going to focus on the chickens who are still here OK. And so she never lost her ability to connect during that time.

Guess: That’s similar to basically saying this like I said I can connect that to the business thing like

you never really lost the opportunity just focus on that we’re trying to use those two beautiful really good.

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