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Guest: Welcome. I have two questions, one is a little more serious than the other.

Abraham: Nothing serious going on here. Ever.

Guest: I would just like your point of view on something. If you agree, we’ve all sort of existed before and always will exist.

Abraham:  Yes.

Guest: So this is a religious question. I would like to know why Jesus came, if we always was and always will be.

Abraham:  Same reason you did. Same reason you all do.
In other words, no one comes- Why do- What’s in your mind? Why do you think- In other words, do you think that- What could possibly be the reason that anyone would come, other than that you are eternal beings and you’ve come for the creative experience?

Guest: So, are you saying Christ came for the experience as well?

Abraham:  Of course! Of course. There are no exceptions.

Guest: It just seems sort of a dramatic way to help us out.

Abraham:  Well, it hasn’t been that helpful, actually.

*laughter from the audience as well as the guest speaking*

More people die over the things that surround Christianity than all other things put together.

Guest: Correct. Correct.

Abraham:  So, we know what you mean – Well, what do you mean?

*More laughter*

The “helping out” part.

Guest: Well, what I mean is, if we will always exist, why the intervention?

Abraham:  Well, first of all, there never is any intervention.
Intervention sounds like assertion, and there is no assertion. There’s only attraction.
So, what happens is you’re taking a historical figure who has rightly earned the place of a religious figure- There are many who feel that it’s blasphemy to call him anything other than the son of God, and so we will. But we will not call Jesus the son of God in any other context than that we put you in the same category.
*Mass applause*

In other words, everyone who comes forth is an extension of Source Energy. And everyonecomes forth to explore the contrast and to become.
And his story’s not different.
In other words, he came, like all, did his part of banging around, put all kinds of things into his vortex – even though he wasn’t calling it that in those days – separated himself from the trauma and the struggle, came into alignment with who he had become, and then stood in that vibration of greater knowing that he had carved out of this life experience. And then told the story of that.

And others, who were witnessing hardly anybody ever coming into alignment with who they are, then pronounced him unique, and marvelous, and king, and god, and saint, and son of god, when what he was was just a regular guy tuning in to who he was and teaching through the clarity of his example that everyone else could do the same thing.
And he said that everyday. Every day that people would listen to him!
*Mass applause*

That’s the story that he told!
He said, “I am not that which you are not.”
He said, “It’s your faith that makes you whole.”
He said, “Come into the vortex, come into the Light.”
He said, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”
In other words, everything that he said was about ‘I am an eternal being and so are you.’ And maybe there was some of, ‘and I will show you the way.’ But not one time ever, and it’s a distortion if you’re hearing it today, did he ever say or mean to imply ‘I will come forth and do for you what I see you cannot do for yourself.’ Because it defies all laws of the universe, and it cannot be.
*Mass applause*

Guest: Very good.
I have one other question. It’s-
It’s on a humorous side.

Abraham:  And then, humans take the part of his story when he was the most out of the vortex, when he was saying ‘why have you forsaken me’ and that’s the part of his life story that they dramatize the most.
It is the last part that he wants you to remember.

He would like you to remember when he was in alignment.
He would like you to remember when he was in vibrational alignment with well-being and could hold you as his object of attention, and even though your body was dripping illness he did not see it and so wellness was the only thing you could experience when you were in the presence of his aligned state of being. That’s the part he would like you to talk about, you see.

He would like you to remember that you are born as liquid love. That you are pure, positive energy. And that when you hold yourself in an attitude of hate you separate yourself from all that is good and all that you want. That’s the part he would like you to remember, you see.
He does not want you to remember that day he was out of the vortex and they hammered him up!

Abraham talks about Family of Light. Galactic Federation of Light

Nor does he want you to push against that.Nor does he want you to make those your enemy.Nor does he want you to stand in martyrdom against others and make anyoneyour enemy, you see…

Guest: That’s well put. Well put. Thank you!

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Guest: I am so grateful to be here, in your presence, Abraham, thank you.
I have a question. I’ve been reading a lot about this Family of Light. Galactic Federation of Light. And there’s been a lot of information on it.
I wanted to know what your perspective of that is.

Abraham:  Our perspective is irrelevant. It’s your perspective that matters. What’s your perspective?

Guest: I feel it’s true. 100%

Abraham:  Then it will serve you.

Guest: That’s it…?
*Mass laughter*
I came all the way from Canada, and that’s it?! Really..

Abraham:  You see, there are no giant right and wrongs. There is only the living of life and the moving to a new place and then finding something that lines you up with that new place. And whatever it is, is of value.
Don’t ask us to help you carve out some philosophy that is the one that all should follow.
Just utilize what benefits you in the moment. What brings you most easily into alignment.

Guest: That does.

Abraham:  Then it’s of tremendous value to you.

Guest: Okay. That was my question. That’s interesting.

Abraham:  So many people are saying, “My truth is the true truth, and my truth-” And more people kill more people over that misunderstanding than all other things put together.
And, when you get it, that there is not a truth, there is just you living life and becoming, and then finding the path of least resistance. That’s all there is.

Guest: When you say there is not one truth, but there has- The Source- Somehow the Source came to be.

Abraham: But Source is diverse.
In other words, Source is present within all people of all religions and all political parties.
Source is not trying to get you to stop being that and start being that.
Source is the basis of love beneath all things, you see.
And so, there’s a big misunderstanding when you are trying to separate into piles the rightness and the wrongness of life.

When you come into alignment with who you are you can find the value of everything that you give your attention to.
It is possible to extract value from everything, you see. To see good in all things. Takes a little tuning, but Source does that, and you can too.
So very often people will bring a book, they will bring some philosophy, and they will want us to agree with them that ‘this is the truth,’ but we never do agree that this is the truth.

A woman said one day, “Is it true that such-and-such of religion are the true religion?”
And we said, “Well, they think that that is true.”
And she said, “So you agree with that?”
And we say, “You are all extensions of Source Energy. And whatever you want to use as your means to bring yourself into alignment with Source will serve you.”

But this is how you can really tell if it is Source orientation:
If it is Source, it does not try to get you to do something else.
If it is Source, it does not try to say it is the only truth.

Guest: But there is a truth, though, that exists. That without I believing it or you believing it, it exists.

Abraham: But you see, what is truth?
So truth is backed up by evidence.
And a thing that’s really interesting about that is that when you give your attention to anything,long enough, the evidence of what you’ve given your attention to will surround you.
So people focus upon things that they don’t want, and then they create things that they don’t want and then they say “See, I told you it was true.”

And we say, “We would not use the truth of anything as our criteria. We would use how it feels.”
Because if you use how it feels as your criteria about whether to focus upon it or not, then what you’re saying is, “As I feel good as I focus here, that means that the Source within me is focused similarly.”
And that is the truth that you’re looking for.

You’re looking for the true nature of your being, you see. We just want to suggest that you will never, magnificent, creative, far-reaching being that is you, you will never find all of your truth in one place.

Guest: Okay. I get that. Thank you!

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Esther Hicks Quotes

Abraham-Hicks:  You’re an interesting lot, you humans.
You say, “Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it. Just tell me what’s true, and I’ll follow it. I’ll follow it to the letter, and I will be righteous.”
And then you say, “Oh, that’s too hard. Never mind.”

Because, what you really want is freedom.
Who you really are, are freedom-seeking beings, you see.
And you really don’t want someone else defining for you.
You are creators, you’re not regurgitators.

You’ve come forth to create your truth, not to find one that worked for someone else and try to replicate it. 

Transcribed from Abraham Hicks Words of Wisdom.

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