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The Injustice Of The World And Feel Good

So, when you see something like that and it hurts your heart, and in the midst of all of that you hate who’s doing it, and you hate the reason for it, and you don’t like the fact that the buildings fell down, and you don’t like the fact that the plane hit the building to begin with, and you don’t like the fact that the building was so weak that it fell down, or you don’t like the fact that the building came down in whatever way it came down, or you don’t like the fact that everything was stirred up in the way it was stirred up… 

Asker: Or I don’t like the fact of why that happened in the first place. 

Abraham: …in the first place. You don’t like that, you don’t like that, you don’t like that, but in all of that stuff you do not like, you’re launching rockets of what you prefer, of what you prefer, of what you prefer. But we don’t hear you, we don’t feel you a vibrational match to what you prefer. We feel you pushing against that, like you need to justify why you want this by pushing against that. And when you try to justify what you want by pushing against that, you cast your vote for that, and then you hold yourself vibrationally apart from it. And then you blame them for how miserable you feel because they took their turn out of turn at the intersection and flipped you off. (Fun) 

Asker: So, do I not think about all of the injustice in the world and go about my beautiful, magnificent, magical life, and just keep loving people? 

Abraham: If you could think about the injustice of the world and feel good, then we’d say have at it. But when you think about the injustice of the world, you vibrationally separate from your Inner Being, who does not see injustice in the world, your Inner Being sees Law of Attraction a foot. 

We promise you, you would not like an arbitrator. In other words, you feel uncomfortable with a government that you think is making decisions based upon what they want, and not working for the people, just working for their own special interests. How would you like it if you could get wind of Law of Attraction that was playing favorites in that way? Law of Attraction does not play favorites. Everybody gets exactly what they are vibrationally outputting every single time, no exceptions. No exceptions. 

So then you say “Well, what about the children that are in the village that got bombed?” And we say they’re part of that vibration; they’ve been listening to their parents. You see little kids that are five years old that are picking up the rocks and flinging them with hatred. It doesn’t matter how they learned it, they’re in that vibration. 

Not all of them will follow the path of those who came before. In other words, there are a lot of people, a lot of little people, a lot of children who are being born, who are not feeling the same intensity of those who are a part of it. And the good news is that there is this wonderful dilution ratio, where the new ones are coming in all tuned in, tapped in, turned on, all eager about life and bright-eyed about life, and looking for the optimistic, wonderful things of life. And then it seems the longer you hang around in these physical bodies, the more you tend to push against things. 

And so, you croak and new ones come in; and you croak and new ones come in; and you croak and new ones come in; and you croak and new ones come in (Fun) – the influx of those who are optimistic in knowing that the world is a wonderful place to be, who have just now made the decision to come into this world because they see it as this magnificently well-stocked kitchen with a contrast that is perfect for evoking whatever is wanted. You see how it works? 

We just want you to get up to speed with who You really are. We don’t want you to stick your head in the sand; we want you to know what’s going on in your world. And we want you to have an opinion about it because your opinion and your desires are what are launched into the future experience, into Vibrational Escrow. But once you know what you want, we want you to give your undivided attention to what you want. 

It’s possible that you could say “I would like to be in a position where I could do something about that,” and you could launch a rocket of desire and hold to it, and fork, fork, fork, fork, fork in the direction of what feels good until you find yourself in political office. And then, as you’re in political office, you would feel all overwhelmed because you are one shining voice, one connected voice among this sea of others that are sort of confused and lost. And so for a while, you’re forking that way, forking that way, forking that way. But then you remember why you’re there, and you get all excited, and you begin to join some of the debates, and you begin to launch some rockets of desires, and you begin to lay in your bed at night and you begin to become a vibrational match to what you want, and you become a very clear-minded mind and voice in a sea that is a lot of confusion. 

And then the universal Fairies of the Universe help you to line up, and you find yourself in the hallway with people, and you find yourself being tuned in, tapped in, turned on, and you find yourself saying just the right thing at just the right time. And the Fairies of the Universe are assisting you, so it’s not just voices that are lost out there in the wilderness, it’s a voice that’s planted here at this precise time, and at this time, and at this time, and this time, until before you know it, because you’ve held true to your dream, you are beginning to amass a current around you. 

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Esther Hicks

And others around the world are beginning to feel the power of that. And more of them are wishing that they could be in the Congress or in the Senate or whatever. And they find themselves, because they are getting a glimpse of you wanting to be the same. And before you know it, the whole tide of things has turned because one small person found reason to stay in vibrational harmony with their desire amidst this sea of others. 

But as long as you are seeing that sea as powerful, then you render yourself as powerless, and you are not. One mother could lie in her bed and hold herself in vibrational alignment with the dreams that she’s dreamed because of what she’s watched on television, could open a Vortex, and Source Energy would assist her in accomplishing her dream. And she would be more powerful than all the people who are sitting in Congress, all of the people who are sitting in the power circles – all of the people, because she has access to the Energy that creates worlds. 

And doesn’t it surprise you that there aren’t more people doing that? And the reason more people aren’t doing that is because most people are still believing in action rather than in Energy alignment; most people are still leaning toward pushing against what they don’t want, rather than finding vibrational alignment with what they do want. 

Your world is not broken. Even today, with everything that’s going on, there is more that is wondrous that is happening than is not; much, much, much more. Even as you speak about the school systems, the very worst thing that you think could happen is that the money would dry up and the schools would go away. And we say the very best thing that would happen is that the money would dry up and the schools would go away. (Fun) 

In all of that, new models are being formulated, and more of what the children are wanting is being considered. What isn’t working is being left behind. In other words, people cannot control things. You are the creator of your own reality; you are not a victim. And we know you don’t feel like one, even though you can get on some conversations that do make you feel that way. But we want you to understand that you have more power than you have been granting yourself, and that’s what you’re mad about. That’s what our friend at the intersection was mad about – it’s just irritating when somebody else thinks that they get to decide what’s right or wrong for you. 

Just look at them and say “You’ve got to be kidding me. You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re sending how many more soldiers over at how much more expense? You’ve got to be kidding me.” In other words, “Where’s this all going? You’ve got to be kidding me.” Find a way of bringing yourself back to your power and they won’t bother you so much. 

Jerry and Esther get letters every day, and there are people who are irate that Abraham will not take a stand against one side or the other; they get letters from both sides that are irate that Abraham will not take a stand against the other side. And we say we cannot do that without defying Law of Attraction; we could not do that without defying your personal power. You create your own reality, and you’re in a well-stocked kitchen. And we will not join you in demanding that Tabasco sauce be removed from the kitchen just because you don’t like it in your pie. 

Asker: And so, I have to trust that more people have access to some of the same free progressive news that we don’t see in our mainstream media; I have to trust that other people are finding it just like I am managing to. 

Abraham-Hicks: Oh yes, this is the time for that. In other words, you’re talking to each other; the word is out. And the word that’s out is we don’t like what they’re doing. And you’re all saying about each other. “We don’t like what they’re doing. We don’t like what they’re doing, and we think they should stop it. And we’ll feel better when they do. And let’s join together and try to make them stop it.” And we say, or, let’s just lean this way and get feeling better whether they stop it or not, aligning with the desires that we’ve launched and becoming part of the solution instead of flailing about in the problem. 

Asker: And are we approaching critical mass of major positive shifts? 

Abraham: Well, you keep wanting to go from despair all the way into bliss when it never happens. You just keep moving up the vibrational scale. And right now, you’re in the revenge mode. But it’s better than the powerlessness you felt before. Good time for segment of refreshment. We are complete. 

Abraham-Hicks North Los Angeles, CA on August 7, 2005


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