What you think about and what manifests in your life experience is always a vibrational match, and, in
the same way, what you think about and what manifests in your dream state is always a vibrational

Your dominant thoughts always match your manifestations, and so, once you understand the absolute
correlations between your thoughts, how you feel, and what is manifesting in your experience, you can then accurately predict everything that will come into your life.

It is nice when you are aware of your thoughts and therefore aware of what you are creating before it manifests, but it is also of value, after something has manifested, to then acknowledge the thoughts that led up to it. In other words, you can make the conscious association between your thoughts, feelings, and manifestations before the manifestation occurs or after the manifestation occurs. Both are helpful.

When you dream about something, it is always a match to the thoughts that you have been thinking. And so, since each of your dreams is, in fact, your creation, it is not possible for you to dream about anything
that you have not created through your thoughts. The fact that it has now manifested in your dream state means that you have given it a significant amount of thought.

The essence of the way you feel about the things you think about most will eventually manifest in your real-life experience— but it takes even less time and attention for it to manifest in your dream state.

And for that reason, your dreams can be of immense value in helping you understand what you are in the process of creating in your awake state. If you are in the process of creating something that you do not
want, it would be easier to change the direction of your thoughts before it manifests than waiting to change your thoughts after it manifests.
The process for Evaluating Dreams is as follows: As you go to bed, consciously acknowledge that your dreams accurately reflect your thoughts.

Say to yourself, It is my intention to rest well and to awaken
refreshed. And if there is anything important for me to recall from my dream state, I will recall it when I awaken.

Ask and It Is Given Learning to Manifest Your Desires, Abraham-Hicks

Then, as you awaken, before you get up, lie there for a few minutes and ask yourself, Do I remember anything from my dream state? Although you may be able to recall different aspects of your dream state
throughout the day, usually the best chance of recalling your dreams is when you first awaken.

And as you begin to recall one of your dreams, relax and try to remember how you felt during the dream sequence,
for recalling your emotions will give you even more important information than recalling the details of your dream.

You must give significant attention to any subject for it to become powerful enough to manifest in your experience. And quite a bit of attention must also be given to a subject before it will begin to show up in
your dream state. For that reason, your more meaningful dreams are always accompanied by strong emotion.

The emotion may feel good or bad—but it will always be strong enough so that you will recognize the feeling.

“How did I feel as that was happening?” If you have awakened from a very good-feeling dream, you can be confident that your dominant thoughts surrounding that subject are pointed toward manifestations that you do want.

When you awaken from a bad-feeling dream, know that your dominant thoughts are in the process of attracting something that you do not want; however, no matter where you stand in terms of what is manifesting in your experience, you can always make a new decision and change the
manifestation to something that is even more pleasing.

It is truly more fulfilling to consciously create increasingly satisfying scenarios in your life experience than it is for you to create by default things that you really do not want—and then try to turn those around to
things that you do want. For once something does manifest, then you have all that observing of the unwanted thing to deal with as well as the habit of thought that brought it about to begin with.

As soon as you begin to understand that your dreams are wonderful reflections of how you really feel and what you are creating, then you can begin to deliberately change your thoughts in order to positively affect your dreams. And as soon as you receive the positive dream, you will know that you are on the path of a more positive real-life manifestation.

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