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Sacred Geometry And Crystal

“I have two questions.”
We have one answer.
“Ah, thank god. Good. That makes it easy.” [laughter]
Get in the vortex.

“Get in the vortex. Okay. Well, this is all about the vortex, and it has to do with sacred geometric shapes. And I’ve heard you talk about things such as this in two categories up until now. It seems like the first one has been things, subjective things, like mantras, or hobbies, or symbols, which you have said people personally resonate with, so it takes them into their vortex. So there’s, like, those subjective things. And then I’ve also heard you comment on more, sort of, universal accelerators. Like crystals, or physical vortexes and places, like Sedona, that actually quicken our existing-“
Or amplify.

“Or amplify our existing relationship to the vortex. Whether it’s taking us in, or out. And, so I’m curious what your thoughts are on these, y’know, these shapes, these grids, like flower of life, double tetrahedrons. Just all of these- Because there’s just so much being said about them now, and I’m just seeing them more and more, and getting really curious, about your perspective.”

Well, it’s a really interesting thing. There’s this pattern that happens, and has for a very long time on your planet that goes something like this: So, many people live life, and sift through contrast, and ask big questions. And the answers take form immediately. Solutions to the problems, and answers to the questions take form. And then, occasionally, someone goes into the vortex, sees the answer, and tries to explain it to others. So, they draw it in a picture, or they write it in an equation, a mathematical equation, or they sing it in a song, or they portray it in the way that you’re describing it – mathematically, or in geometry.

So, it’s meaningful to them because, from inside the vortex, they have sorted it out and found the solution. But when they deliver it to people who are not in the vortex it’s not necessarily meaningful. And then what happens is, people not in the vortex, now start clinging to the symbols that have been created by others, for themselves more than for the world, and then they wonder why they can’t associate with it, and why it’s not more meaningful to them.

So, what we would rather that everyone understand is that, if your interest is in aligning with who you are, then you will align with everything that is there, and you will be the one who receives the inspiration for the creation that will be meaningful to you.
In other words, we’re really not very excited about people taking symbols that other people have discovered inside the vortex, and try to make them meaningful in their lives.

“So they would fall into the realm of these symbols that are subjective.”
Almost everything is that way, because-
And we get it. In other words, even as we are visiting with you, we have a very clear perspective of who you are. And we offer endless words, and examples, and processes, in order to call you into the vortex. And the thing about many of these symbols, no matter how vague or specific they are, one thing that is always valuable, and therefore – and effective, relative to symbols, is that, if you show someone something that they can’t make sense of, and that they don’t have any already vibrational resistant attachment to, and you can get them to focus upon it, sometimes their focus becomes pure, and clear, and non-resistant for the first time, and they move into the vortex.

But then they’re attached to this thing that wasn’t what they’re making it out to be.
“So it’s the power of focus that it inspires within you to go into alignment.”
Perfectly stated.
“I see.”

Perfectly stated. And so, use anything that you can find, and what you discover as you become more sophisticated in your alignment is that, you reach for things of greater sophistication. And there are people that have been in the vortex, and who have been reaching for a very long time, that begin to develop very intricate patterns and symbols that are meaningful to them. But they should not ask someone else to see them in meaningful ways for themselves.

“I see. Thank you.”


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