Without experience, there's not much life. Abraham-Hicks Quotes, in2vortex, esther hicks, law of attraction

Without experience, there’s not much life. Abraham-Hicks Quotes

So when you don’t try so hard to achieve mutuality with other humans who you want to agree with you, and instead, you start just taking in life and you let your comprehension of it in any moment blend with the comprehension that the broader Nonphysical Inner Being You is having at the same moment, make no mistake – your Inner Being is right here right now with you comprehending where you’re at and what you’re about in every moment of your waking day. Never ever, ever, are you having a moment that your Inner Being is not in on and having an awareness of.

Words really don’t teach, it’s life experience. Don’t you sometimes wonder what the comprehension is of someone who is speaking a language that you can’t understand, like your dog? Don’t you sometimes wonder what that life experience is? Don’t you sometimes look at them and wonder what’s going through their mind, wonder how they’re translating this moment in time? Because they’re not putting words to it, but their experience is real; they are consciousness having an experience.

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