Abraham-Hicks – When You Say “I Gave Up On It” | In2Vortex

Abraham-Hicks – when you say “I gave up on it”


Abraham-Hicks - When You Say "I Gave Up On It" | In2Vortex

Abraham: It is not possible to give up on a big dream. (long break)

So- but it is possible, to torture yourself in relationship to it!
And then, to lie to yourself in saying that you´v given it up!
But if the pain is still there… IOW, and it is… so… are you braced?

Asker: Ok.

Abraham: You have no choice, than to line up with it!
You have to give in, to your desire.
You have to give in to your desire.

You can´t let what is- in all it´s frivolous,
inaccurate, temporary indicators-
you can´t let THAT hold you from your alignment!
You GOT TO GO WITH YOUR DESIRE to feel good.

Asker: So neat to hear that.

Abraham: Why would you give up on something that matters so much?
Because you forgot about the Vortex,
you forgot about the power of the universe,
you forgot about your focus- but now, you remember again all of that.
So, line up with your desire!

It is our promise to you:
Your desire will not torture you, it will not misbehave,
it will not let you down.
Your desire is real, it´s in the Vortex,
you can HAVE it.

Line up with it! Line up with it.
And then revel in the evidence of your alignment!
So you´r getting already some evidence
of your alignment through the different production.

You know- what if, wouldn´t it be nice if, WHAT IF-
the entire production, animation, creation of plays
and movies and productions,
what if the entire genre is moving itself into the position
to satisfy exactly what you want.

What if there are niche markets all over the world,
that are preparing themselves for the brilliance
of what you have to offer?

Do you realize, what a screwy dream it is anyway to say
“I create a masterpiece in that everybody will revel”?
Do you recognize,
there are people celebrating the death of Osama binLaden?
(mocking) Make a movie about that! -Someone will, don´t go.

You see what we´r getting at?
So- you put your desire into the Vortex,
it´s been becoming and evolving,
and you will never be able to breath a full breath
or be, who you are- unless you line up with it.

And when you line up with it-
the manifestational evidence will reveal itself to you over and over again.

It is so funny to us-
and we don´t mean funny in the way
that we are enjoying your discomfort-
but it is such an interesting thing for us
to listen to some of you, speak as if your dreams are iffy!
-When the only reason that they are iffy at all
is that you have given up on them!

But you can´t really give up on them.
You know what happens if you say “I gave up on it”?

You didn´t give up on your dream,
because your dream is still alive and well
and will torture you until you line up with it.

So, when you say “I gave up on it”, you say:
“I´m just not trying to come in alignment with it”.
And we say: Well that´s not too good,
because when you don´t make the effort to line up with your dream,
than you just sort of accept the discord and discomfort that you feel!
You see what we´r getting at? You hear that, don´t you?

(adjuring) Give IN! Give in to the success of your dream,
and watch the resources of the universe back you up.

Give in to it! Give in to it!
Give in, to the inevitable achievement
of ALL that you have vibrationally already become.
You know, it wouldn´t be painful, if you hadn´t become it.

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