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How to Stop Worrying – Abraham Hicks


How to Stop Worrying - Abraham Hicks | In2Vortex, esther hicks, abraham hicks 2018

Asker: I want to ask a question about career. I’m 28 years old now. Ever since I was little, probably, I’ve always felt different than other people, a lot more aware. Not these people in here because they’re here for the same reason as me. But like, people in general. And I’ve always hung out with older people, like ten years older than me. And it took me into sort of a depression when I was younger that lasted until last year when I actually found your stuff. I don’t get emotional about it. But since I was young, I’ve had this nagging feeling inside, which, I guess, would be Source or Higher Self, or something, telling me that I should be doing something special, or whatever. I don’t want to sound like I feel like I’m more important than anybody in the world, or that I should be somebody special, you know, a Jesus figure or anything like that. But I didn’t want to go to college, and I fought with my parents about that, and I’ve fought with a lot of different people about things I should do. And I’ve always been rebellious in that sense, and done my own thing, and felt way more aware than them about the world and how things go or whatever.

But because I’ve had that feeling coming from inside so strongly, it’s caused, before, a severe depression of, I don’t want to be…you know. I deliver furniture right now, and I’ve always done hard labor because I didn’t go to college. So I’m kind of in a place where I don’t want to do what everybody else wants me to do, but I don’t want to be 50 years old and doing hard labor, either. And I feel like there’s something out there that’s really, really important, because it nags me ever since I was young, but I can’t get past it.

Abraham: Well, you know that nagging feeling that you’re talking about, that’s what we were attempting to describe when there’s who you are and what Source is agreeing with you about, that you know. As you examine and explore and live contrast, you send rocket after rocket after rocket after rocket of desire and preference into your future Vibrational Escrow. And it accumulates, it amasses, it expands, it attracts unto itself, and Source acknowledges it as yours, as you. And the longer you hold yourself vibrationally apart from it, the more emptiness you feel about it, because it continues to be and achieve and expand, and if you don’t let yourself go there, then you have that sort of nagging feeling.

It isn’t that there was something that you have been assigned that you’re not fulfilling, it’s that you’re not letting yourself be what you have determined in your creative experience. We love hearing from you that you were so aware of your own internal desires that you, at an early age, were able to disregard – not easily, because there are a lot of people around you who really believe that they know better for you than you know for yourself, but as you hold tight to your idea of your wanting to choose, and now you consciously hook up with this Guidance System that always lets you know, no you work to release the yearning. So your work over the next few days and weeks, maybe even months, is not about figuring out what to do that will satisfy you more, it’s about how to feel about what you’re doing.

When you say things (and it’s logical that you would) like “Well, I didn’t go to school and so I’m delivering furniture,” what you’re teaching yourself (in other words, the vibration you’re practicing) is that “they were right because I didn’t go to school, and now I’ve relegated myself to something less than I’m capable of, or less than I really want to.” And that’s just not true. As we look into your world, there are many, many more who are satisfied in terms of what they’re doing and in terms of their financial gaining, who didn’t go to school than who did. The majority of people who jumped through the hoops are now still bound by different hoops in a different setting. In other words, they jumped through the hoops of their parents, and then they jumped through the hoops of their school, and now they’re employed, but they’re jumping through the hoops of the employer, and they never felt free.

Asker: Yeah, I’ve always agreed with that. I’ve never jumped through anybody’s hoops. But, I mean, I say 90% of the time I feel like I’m right, but then I worry about that little 10% – I just don’t want to be, you know…

Abraham: But, you see, that’s your work. Your work is, when that worry comes up, to talk it down; to talk yourself into greater relief; to acknowledge that some of the most successful financial geniuses and most contributing geniuses in your technology age did not go to college; they do not have degrees. In other words, they were self-taught – they had an idea and they gathered to them people who could contribute to that.

Let’s talk about education in its purest, strictest description or form. What education is, when you think in terms of degrees, is someone else’s identification of a standard, and then a subsequent gathering of materials for you to read, and then examining how well you comprehended what they gathered for you to read. It’s so limited! And it is so directed at somebody else’s idea of what you should be, not at your idea of what you should be.

There are a lot of people who are happy playing in that game – and we’re certainly not critical of that game – we’re just saying, it’s not the only game in town. There are people who are a perfect vibrational match to making their success and feeling their value in that way who did, and it’s perfect for them. And there are people, like yourself, where it is not perfect for them, and so you have chosen another path. And one path is not more right or more wrong than the other – you get to choose.

Asker: Okay. So, I know I create my own reality, but maybe I decided before that there is something I would do, and that nagging feeling’s just that I need to do something, nothing specific.

Abraham: The nagging feeling is that you’re not allowing yourself to be, thought-wise, in harmony with who you know you are. And it’s just those simple thoughts like I should have done something different, or maybe my parents were right.

When Jerry was younger, he was not physical at first, and then he discovered the YMCA and began practicing some things, and became rather physical rather fast. And then someone saw his posture and his strength, and said to him (because he was working as a laborer in a factory, and the factory went on strike right after he started working there, so he sort of had nothing to do) , “What are you doing?” and he said “Well, I would like to be working, but they won’t let me work.” And the man said “Why don’t you come with me? I’m going to Cuba as an act in a circus, and I’ll teach you an act,” because he had seen Jerry at the Y and he’d seen his strength and his stability and his talent.

So Jerry became very physically involved. And then, from the circus, he became an entertainer. But everything was physical – it was all about running, it was all about body, it was all about activity, it was all about action. And he earned his living like that for years. But along the path of that, he began saying (as you are saying) as he looked around and didn’t see any 65-year old aerialists (they usually lost focus and fell long before that) (Fun), he decided that, while he was enjoying his body very much and appreciated the strength and stamina of it, and appreciated what it was giving him, he began planting a seed of “I will not always want to be physically oriented – some day I will want to be mentally oriented.” And almost every day he says to Esther as he’s deeply involved in some thought process around this work that he is so intensely involved in, that he can see how that intention simply pre-paved an avenue that would be very fulfilling for him later.

And so, as you stand in your now, rather than feeling uncomfortable about what might one day be, instead, feel appreciation about what right now is, and anticipate something else coming in (while you know not what it will be). And then say to yourself “What is perfect for me will always unfold, and meanwhile, I’m thankful for this, and I’m eager for the path that will unfold,” and you will have a steady stream of new ideas that will occur to you.

Jerry and Esther were sitting in the room just now watching the valet parking people running down the hill to get cars, and Jerry was watching the different running styles. One of them sort of jogged along the paved path, and one of them leaped down the concrete stairs. And it was fun to watch the leaper because the stairs were not even – there were some stairs, and then a long space, and then some stairs, and then a long space. So it was fun to watch him running and jumping, and running and jumping, and running and jumping.

And it reminded Jerry of running down the trout streams. For years he used to just love to get on a trout stream and hold his fishing equipment in his hands, and then just leap from rock to rock to rock to rock, somehow always knowing that he was sure-footed and always knowing that the next rock would be there. And always, it was.

And we want you to realize that when you get tuned in, tapped in, turned on, and when you are in love with life and with yourself, and you are complimenting yourself on the choices that you’ve been making, there’s always something else for you to leap for – you never have to stop in hesitation and worry. You never have to stop and say “Oh, look at this mess I’ve gotten myself into. I’m out here and there’s no place to go.” It will never be like that for you. There will always be a viable, good-feeling trail that is unfolding before you. And you’ll never get it done. You’ll never say “Well, my trail petered out,” or you’ll never say “Well, that’s the end of the line for me.” This independence that you feel so powerfully will serve you enormously well.

Q: Alright, thank you.

A: Yes, indeed.


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