Abraham-Hicks 2017 – Do NOT Block Your Income, Transcription

Abraham-Hicks 2017 – Do NOT Block Your Income, Transcription

Money - Abraham-Hicks 2017 - Do NOT Block Your Income, Transcription. in2vortex

 ASKER: I bought a house with a five year interest only mortgage loan and I’m able to do it now, and in two years..I’m going to need about twice as much money. And so I heard you speaking recently about when you don’t even know how you’re going to pull something off, how to approach it. And this is it is beyond my I it’s I would appreciate some coaching here on how to be about this prospect two years down the road as part of me wants to try to figure it out and prepare myself it can be a little scary but I want to bring a sense of optimism and confidence and tap into my creativity.
ABRAHAM HICKS: All right so let’s apply what we were just applying a moment ago. So you don’t know how you’re going to reduce this interest rate or you don’t know how you’re going to affect the legislature that might bring that about. Or you don’t know how you’re going to pay a double mortgage to bring more money into your experience to pay more or you don’t know of course that partner might bring money with them.
ASKER: Well let’s just say I need to double my income in two years.
ABRAHAM HICKS: Well is that an upstream statement or a downstream statement. In other words does that make you feel better or worse. In other words we were looking for a way to soothe it and you seem to be looking for a way to to to pocket with a stick a little bit. And the reason that we ask is because is because your your work is not to find a solution your work is to Soothe think of it, think of the word solution has the word smooth in it doesn’t it?
In other words solution. Is a fool I’m sure you’re wanting to. You want to soothe yourself into into your vibrational alignment. And so. So you wanted to talk your anchors down and the way you do that we’ve just been talking about that the way you do that is by.
Reaching for the thoughts or examples that you can give yourself that make you feel better as you are as you are coming up with them.
What you’re really wanting to do is to is to stand where you are because you can’t stand any place else and Soothe the way you feel by speaking what you do know not what you don’t know and you see what you just did was the opposite you said I need to double my income in two years. You you just you just made it look as hard as you could possibly make it look you you weren’t you weren’t amplifying what you do now which was soothing. You were amplifying the unknown which is the opposite opposite of soothing. Can you get this and are you are you beginning to accept Do you accept that this is a vibrational alignment effort not figuring out where the money’s coming from effort.

Do you accept that the increase in income is already in your vibrational escrow. Do you accept that when you first signed them papers on that that you put some up there and do you understand that every time you’ve worried about it you’ve put more of it there in other words. This is a really well thought out well planned and now well-tended to buy your source energy creation. And so the question isn’t will it will be if it will be because it already is. And the question isn’t Do I get to have it because it’s already yours. The question is how can I right now feel that it’s there rather than antagonize myself into feeling that it isn’t there. How can I trust rather than doubt. How can I believe rather than wonder how can I know rather than worry. And so it’s an emotional game it’s a vibrational game.
So what do I know what do I know that makes me feel better even if it’s general. I know I’m good at what I do. I know that I always figure things out. I know that things do work out for me. I know that I’m a survivor. I know that I’m resourceful. I know that the laws of the universe are in place. I know that it’s in my vibrational escrow. I know that universal forces are always helping me. I know that the solution is in place. I know that I have access to it even though I don’t see it right now. I know that even though I don’t see it right now I may see it later. I know that there have been many things that at one time I didn’t know that later I knew these things. I know now that soothing isn’t it. So as you talk about what you do know even though it’s general it soothes your vibration it helps you to close the gap and the more you close your gap then the more the universe can orchestrate the circumstances and events that you need. But when you do the opposite when you attack and yourself when you say these things I don’t know I don’t know where it’s going to come from I don’t know when it’s going to come I don’t know if it’s going to come in time I don’t know what I’m going to do. When you antagonize yourself in those ways then you don’t let the universal forces that are working for you come to you and then you just feel worse and worse and worse.
That was really good.
You got that clearly didn’t. Everything.
Everything is everything is an emotional game. Everything is a vibrational game everything everything everything.
ASKER:When you use it as a game then you can bring in the spirit of fun. You know like I was listening on NPR in the summer and there are these people they could get together at MIT and they have this world’s hardest treasure hunt and they have the most brilliant brains make the most challenging hints to find this impossible game and people love it.
And I and I heard this report and I said you know what I can do that with my property tax and I brought that spirit to it. And I actually manifested something that was really not kind of predictable. Bringing that spirit of play.

Abraham-Hicks 2017 - Do NOT block Your Income, Transcription,

Abraham-Hicks 2017 – Do NOT block Your Income, Transcription

ABRAHAM HICKS : we really like it when you become playful because in it whenever you’re playful you’re closing the gap you know whenever you’re on your widen the gap whenever you’re hopeful you’re closing the gap whenever you’re worried you’re widening the gap. And so if you’ve just got your eye Those were your words as you sat down if you’ve got your eye on the gap if you’ve got your solar plexus on your gap if you’ve got your feelings sensors on your gap and you care how you feel then.
Never mind reality. Reality doesn’t mean diddly squat. What is just doesn’t matter because it’s temporary and moving and it’s moving in the direction of your opening or closing the gap. So when you get that and you and you realize that you have control over the way you feel regardless of the conditions now you’ve really got it. Creation is about unconditional alignment. And when your reality is so vivid then you’re really in with conditions then you’re responding to conditions and then you have no control over conditions. And then you just faction off you polarize.
You try to get people to do different things so that they can create different conditions. In other words we promise you it’s a lot easier for you to close your gap and allow the universe to deliver to you. Double your income and more than it is for you to get them to change the interest rates. It’s a lot easier for you to just allow the abundance of the universe to come to you.
ASKER: It’s easier for me to close my gap than widen with those but those thoughts of discord.

ABRAHAM HICKS: It’s we’re happy to hear you say that it’s whether it’s easier or harder. It sure feels better to close it. And so it’s sure worth making the effort. And even if it’s hard in the beginning because the other thoughts are more dominant or more active. Once you make the effort if you’ve seen us demonstrate here especially in the last little bit what happens is it gets easier and easier because Law of Attraction keeps responding to your most active vibration and you have control over what that is like.
And then the third part is my life work.
ASKER: I want to ask something that I think is this save the world notion that. I I’m wondering when you speak to people so much about their personal lives.
If there might not be this generational condition thought pattern form energy form that I grew up in which was that was supposed to save the world and I get an activist

ABRAHAM HICKS: yes of course that’s that’s abounding but it is nowhere in your vibrational escrow. And it is not anything that the source energy within you know. In other words the source view is that this world does not need to be saved because it is emphatically expanding for the good. In other words the viewpoint that the world needs to be saved is an attitude that in that moment has you really separated from who you are.
ASKER: Well and I have been looking for. By listening to your information I’ve been looking for Where’s the resistance. Where is the resistance so sometimes I feel torn between doing what I love and being in my bliss where I spend a lot of time and great joy.
And then I think I should be doing this or I should be saying it in the world and I feel that whole and I’ve been trying to merge the two and then I said I don’t know maybe that’s just some conditioning thought form and I don’t really have to merge the two.

ABRAHAM HICKS: Well here’s the way you sort that out when if you How would you go about saving the world.
ASKER:Well like for example I love nature I love nature. And so I go along all these environmental organizations and I love to write I love to take photographs but then mixed into that mix is I think well I have to write these great bestsellers that also save the environment that awakened consciousness that all of the stuff in my life I think I have to use towards that end and that that’s it’s mixed in with life mission in life purpose and I really want to hear anything in there that.

ABRAHAM HICKS: Then let us give it let us just give it to us in court. Let us just give it to you simply. So each of you as you come forth have a determination to create your reality. And when you expand that notion to mean that means I have to create everybody else’s reality. You’ve gone too far you’ve come forth to create your reality which means you’ve come forth to to sift through and determine what you would like to see now what you would like to see might be about your property taxes it might be about your house payment it might be about the earth itself it might be a political notion. In other words what you want to see is what you want to see. And so your view of the way you would like to see the world is constantly shooting forth from you in rockets of desire vibrational rockets and the source energy part of you is then becoming the vibrational match to that. So then the only thing you have to ask yourself is is this letter I’m writing. Is this Web site I’m reviewing is what I’m doing right now making me feel good or bad do I feel better or worse in my involvement with it. In other words we want you to understand that you can’t single handedly save the world and the world doesn’t need to be saved but it’s perfectly alright for you to live for life to inspire you to an idea about what would be better life on planet Earth.
And when that rocket is born out of you and you turn your undivided attention toward that notion you come into alignment and then you get to live that improved life on Earth right here and now. And so you say how Whoa I get it. I came forth. I’ve lived the contrast. I saw something that would be better. I lined up with it and now I’m living it. But then you say but what about the others who aren’t living it as you split your energy again. And that’s what goes wrong. That’s what’s wrong with the idea that I have to save the world. Is that the world first of all doesn’t want to be saved. Most of them don’t want to be saved your way anyway.

And when you understand that you are the only work that you can do all you can do. All you have the ability or the right or the capacity to do is to come into alignment with your own evolved expanded self and every particle of discord that you ever feel is not because you’re not saving the world it’s because you’re not keeping up with who you are. You’re misinterpreting what those negative emotions are. Those emotions of frustration or I should be doing something different are not because you’re not saving the world it’s because you’re not keeping up to speed with who you have become. And when you start deliberately keeping up to speed with who you have become those feelings will evaporate because they were never part of the reason that you came forth and when you are tending to your world and you are creating your world and you are demonstrating through the power of your example how to come into alignment with your world. When you are radiating that example and another figures out and another figures it out. The only world that will ever be the lovely world will be a world where everyone is controlling their own world. And in the moment that somebody else says no no no no no. I see you’re not controlling your world in the way that you should. Never mind I’ll just control your world you freak out because you are fiercely independent.
You say Oh it is so lovely the only place that freedom ever comes from is in the releasing of resistance. The only thing that ever binds you is your own contradictory energy and as you understand that as you embrace that as you practice that and as you live that and that is you teach that through the clarity of your example you will have the exhilarating experience of having other people’s lives improve as a result of their interaction with you. But you cannot ever fixate on what’s going wrong with the world and improve it in any way. It never ever works.
ASKER: and I feel that maybe has been what’s stopping me because I’ve been wanting to write and publish books but I thought well that it’s got to weave in this message about saving the world. And so you’re saying to clear out all the resistance about that, Just focus on what I most love.

ABRAHAM HICKS:Focus upon things that make you feel good and write books from your place of feeling good.


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